About Us

Tina’s Skate Wear began with designing and making skating dresses for family skaters and friends. With the growing admiration from skaters, Tina’s Skate Wear has been recognized as a creative and reliable provider of affordable skating dresses and apparel for the ice-skating community.

Associated closely with figure skating, Tina’s Skate Wear knows how important the dresses are to ice-skaters in practice as well as in competition. Therefore, we are very meticulous about the design and making of each dress to enhance the skater’s gorgeous look and wonderful feeling during performance. We offer everything from affordable practice outfits to championship competition dresses in ready-to-wear or custom made-to-fit designs.

By pioneering the artwork of handpainting on skating dresses and continuing innovation, Tina’s Skate Wear continues to be the leading designer and provider of ice-skating dresses and apparel with artistic handpainting and beautiful embellishment. We have designed, customized, and delivered high quality ice-skating apparel with an affordable price for both competitive and recreational skaters worldwide.

We warmly welcome you to our website and please let us know how we can help you look your best skating on ice today.